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Over 90% of prospective home buyers look for the ideal home on the internet, with 89% of those buyers reporting that photos were a primary driver of their search process. Are you capturing their attention?

LightHome Studio is committed to capturing the light and essence of a home, focusing on angles and composition that allow viewers to envision themselves in the space and feel their lives unfolding. A home and living space is more than just marketable features and architecture, it's a sanctuary that nurtures the most important things in life: love, family, creativity. I showcase the art and light of beautiful spaces, both inside and out.

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Quality photos spark buyer interest and make median homes stand out. Our premium quality imaging is specifically designed to sell real estate and is proven to result in more listings, more showings, with faster sales and at a higher price. Every order is rush delivered with guaranteed delivery the next morning by 10am. Your photographer, Lindsey Ganahl, is available 24-7 to answer questions, tweak images, and book your shoots. Our level our customer service and availability is unparalleled in the industry.

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With a background in interior design, having worked as the Art Director for one of Seattle’s top five home staging companies, Lindsey Ganahl is a master at seeing space and accounting for how funishings and accessories show within photos. Our photography showcases liveable space, and takes into account the work done to prepare a home for listing. We make sure pillows are fluffed, distracting objects are hidden, and everything is perfect before firing our first shot. If something can’t be fixed during the shoot, we can correct it during our image post-processing.

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